Graf & Partners LLP (Graf Legal) is a German limited liability partnership of German lawyers admitted to the German bar association. Graf Legal is registered with the partnership register kept at the District Court Munich, register no. 438. Graf & Partners LLP is represented by its managing partners Bernhard Schmeilzl, Katrin Groll and Magdalena Gegenfurtner.

All Graf Legal trial lawyers are licensed as federal litigation lawyers (Rechtsanwaelte) and are thus permitted to represent clients in all 16 German states. While our offices are located in the south of Germany, our litigation lawyers appear before all German civil, commercial and labor law courts throughout the country.

How to contact us

For enquiries about German law and to arrange for an initial consultation please email to or call us on our main lines:

Tel:  +49 (0) 941 463 707-0
Fax  +49 (0) 941 463 707-99

If you wish to send or courier documents, please use this address:

Graf & Partners Rechtsanwälte
Regensburg Office
Bischof-von-Henle-Str. 2a
D-93051 Regensburg

What we do

Graf & Partners provide step-by-step support if you are involved in a civil dispute in Germany. Civil litigation can be daunting, especially if it takes place in a foreign country and follows very different procedural rules than those which you are familiar with. Our team of German and international legal professionals will guide you through the German civil litigation process and make sure you obtain the best legal counsel. In international disputes we work closely with our legal counterparts in the USA, be it the in-house lawyer of our client or their U.S. litigation attorneys.

Our German civil litigation team will assist you with:

  • Corporate & Commercial disputes
  • Labor law disputes
  • Inheritance and Trust disputes
  • Contentious probate
  • Tort claims
  • Debt recovery
  • Arbitration and business mediation cases


If the parties are still on speaking terms, we will always attempt a settlement, either out-of-court or even after a lawsuit has been filed. Actually, German judges are obligated by German civil procedure rules to promote and proceed toward an amicable resolution of the dispute between the parties before they conduct an oral hearing. Our German civil litigation experts are familiar with and experienced in negotiating and drafting settlements. For details, read the post “How to settle a Lawsuit in Germany“.

How to hire a German lawyer

Graf Legal provides qualified legal advice and representation in all German commercial law, civil law and labor law matters, ranging from contract disputes, corporate litigation and employment, to damage claims and contentious probate. We are also experienced in commercial arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

What to expect from a German litigation lawyer, your rights and obligations as a client in Germany, what documents to sign and what legal fees to pay is explained in this post here.